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Coz Group, LLC is a Massachusetts based company specializing in the sale and purchase of engineering

and commodity resins as well as post consumer recycled (PCR) materials. We market to national and

international injection molders, compounders, extruders, and resellers.


Founded by the Coz family, who together has 80 plus years of experience in the plastic industry, Coz Group

is operated as a family business. Dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service, we buy and sell a

wide variety of plastic materials in assorted quantities, depending on the needs of our customers.


We have extensive and very reliable contacts with local and national trucking companies, which enable us

to have materials delivered to your company in the most expedient time frame possible.


Coz Group specializes in sourcing and re-selling Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Materials. We locate and collect all sorts of discarded

plastic products, from cracked and unusable water bottles to dilapidated grocery shopping carts. After the collection and sorting

process has been completed, we ship our recyclable plastic parts to our grinding facility. All pieces are ground into a plastic regrind

material that is reintroduced into the plastics trade market.


Recycling plastics in this manner provides many different types of industries with an accessible method to dispose of, and at the same

time, recycle their no longer useful plastic products.


Coz Group offers many different programs in the collection of discarded, used up, or damaged plastic objects and parts. Please let us know if this is something that your company may be interested in.



About Coz Group

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