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Inventory list always changing!
As inventory always changes, call us at 508-234-1469 for up to the minute info.

 PP Material for Sale

          Description                                                                    Quantity                                    Packaging                                                                       PP Silver Concentrate                                                     3068 lbs                                Gaylords

    PP Virgin Filled Nat                                                         1630                                        Boxes

    Polypro M/C R/G                                                             2370                                       Boxes

    PP  PCR 1820                                                                 1030                                       Boxes



Regrind Material for Sale


 Description                                                                  Quantity                                    Packaging                                            


   PVC Clear R/G                                                               11200 lbs                                Gaylords

   PVC Clear Virgin                                                                288                          



   PETG Clear R/G                                                                 806                                       Boxes

   TPE M/C R/G                                                                   9592                                       Boxes

   HDPE M/C R/G                                                               varies                                       Boxes

   PBT, Valox 420 WH R/G                                                   1988                                       Boxes

   Celcon M90 M/C R/G                                                        1263                                       Boxes

   Stanyl Nat R/G                                                                1452                                       Boxes

   PBT/PC Light Color R/G                                                      937                                       Boxes


PC/ABS Material for Sale


 Description                                                                  Quantity                                    Packaging


  PC/ABS DK Grey 0048 R/G                                                3035 lbs                                Gaylords



Miscellaneous Material for Sale


Description                                                                  Quantity                                     Packaging         


  SAN White Pellets                                                        2000 lbs                                    Gaylords

  TPU MX                                                                       1945                                           Boxes

  TPU Black                                                                      710                                           Boxes

   Mitsui                                                                           100                                           Barrel  

   PE PU                                                                         1130                                           Boxes

   Polyester (PST)                                                          26483                                           Boxes

   PP/TPE                                                                       3263                                           Boxes

   Polybond                                                                      909                                           Boxes

   Styropor                                                                     1442                                         Super Sac

   Styropor EPS                                                                561                                            Drums

   HIPS MC                                                                     1335                                           Boxes

   PE NAT 60/40                                                               550                                            Boxes

   PE 60/40                                                                     1175                                           Boxes

   HDPE NAT 60/40                                                          1103                                           Boxes

   Blue Delrin                                                                    476                                           Boxes

   PVC Construction Board cut-offs                                      311                                           for samples                     

   Baled Sprues & Parts                                                    3586                                          Bales  

   PVC Construction board shavings, white                            751                                          for samples

   PVC Flex U/G Clear                                                         307              


Miscellaneous Regrind Material for Sale


Description                                                                 Quantity                                       Packaging                                          


   PSU White R/G                                                          1399 lbs                                      Gaylords

   PET MC RG (Junk)                                                      1058                                             Box

   PBT 30# GF Nat RG                                                    1551                                           Gaylord

            (Crastin SK 605)


ABS Material for Sale               


Description                                                                Quantity                                        Packaging     




Nylon Material For Sale


Description                                                                 Quantity                                        Packaging


   RTP Nylon 66 33% GF Blk RG                                      3098  lbs                                        Boxes

   RTP Nylon Blk RG                                                       1590                                            Gaylord

   Nylon GF Blk                                                              3081                                              Boxes

   Nylon Blk                                                                   1048                                              Boxes

   Nylon Nat                                                                   2831                                             Boxes

   Nylon MC                                                                   4262                                              Boxes

   Nylon 66% GF Blk Vir                                                30000                                              Boxes

   Nylon RG MC GF                                                         1010                                            Gaylord

   Nylon 12 Grilamid LV23H Blk RG                                   1154                                           Drum, Gaylord

   Nylon MC RG                                                              2917                                            Gaylord

   Nylon GF RG Blk                                                         2827                                              Boxes 


PET Material for Sale


Description                                                                 Quantity                                         Packaging


  PET W/Print R/G                                                       23327                                              Boxes

   PET MC RG Blue-Label                                                7820                                             Gaylords

   PET MC RG Red-Label                                                 3100                                             Gaylords


Triax Material for Sale



Description                                                                 Quantity                                         Packaging


   Triax 1120 Vir Blk                                                    33080 lbs                                           Boxes

   Triax 1185 Vir Blk                                                      1600                                                Boxes



Acrylic Material for Sale



Description                                                                 Quantity                                         Packaging





   Acrylic White RG                                                         2801                                             Gaylords 






PC Material for Sale



Description                                                                 Quantity                                         Packaging


   PC Clear Parts Coated                                                   527 lbs                                       Gaylords

   PC Clear Parts Uncoated                                                895                                            Gaylords

   PC Clear Coat                                                             2245                                            Gaylords

   PC Fines, RG Clear & MC                                              9712                                            Gaylords

   Clear Coated PC w/Nylon                                             1017                                               Boxes














We also have access to most Prime
Virgin Materials.  Please ask us to quote PC, ABS, Nylon, Acetal, & PBT

All prices FOB

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